5 fun Autumn activities

As the seasons turn I always like to have a think about the activities we have been doing over the last few months, and think of some new ways to entertain my girls in the coming season.

We are starting to clear the garden now, and while the bikes and scooters, and possibly even the sand tray will stay around throughout the winter, the water toys have gone into hibernation along with the sun loungers and picnic blankets.

Autumn is probably the most exciting season in terms of the senses. The colours, noises, sounds and even smells are just incredible and it is a season in which I do not find it hard to entertain my children. For this reason the these five activities are simple activities that require no planning, no shopping and no preparation, just wrap up warm and away you go! (I will be adding more activities in time so follow us on facebook to stay tuned.)


  1. Make a leaf rainbow.

Okay so it wont be an accurate rainbow so to speak but the idea here is to collect as many different coloured leaves as you can. What you do with the leaves is up to you. Your children might take pleasure out of simply throwing them in the air and running about, or stamping on them to listen to the noises they make. Or you can use them to decorate your house with a beautiful leaf garland. [see here]


teddy kide and seek

  1. Teddy hide and seek.

Ask your children to collect lots of leaves into a big pile. This is an activity in itself and can keep them entertained for ages! Give little ones a bucket and send them round the garden, young children generally love collecting things so this will be a welcome task. Then simply hide some toys in the pile, depending on how old the children are you can vary the size of the toys you hide, making it more difficult the smaller the toy. Just remember to count how many toys you hide or there may be tears when they realise they have lost one!



  1. Autumn seeds

Who didn’t collect conkers when they were younger? While conker fights seem to have gone out of fashion these days (partly for health and safety reasons) children still adore collecting nice shiny conkers. Sycamore seeds are also really popular. See here to find out what you can do with them…


Encourage children to stop and listen to the world around them.

4. Sensory walk

Pop down to your local park and find things that will stimulate the senses. For example, stamp in some dry crispy leaves and listen to them crunching, look and see all the different colours on the trees, listen out for animals foraging in the under growth and see if you can smell any bonfires. Encourage children to sit quietly and take in their surroundings whilst doing this activity, it can be great after a really busy or stressful day. Alternatively, let the children dive into a pile of leaves and experience the senses in an active and engaging way.



  1. Tree and leaf rubbings

Grab some paper and pencils and head outside, or collect some leaves and bring them inside, either way this is a fun and educational activity for children of all ages. Simply press the paper up against the tree bark, or leaves, and rub over it with crayons. This can be really fun if, as seen in the picture above, you can find funny shapes in the trees.

There are so many fun activities to do in autumn, and I will update this list as we progress through the season. If you have any activities you enjoy doing please comment below!

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