Nature hanging

This is another brilliantly simple activity that encourages children to explore and engage with their natural surroundings. You can easily tailor it to suit their personality as well, so for example some children might like to search for spiky, scary looking plants, rocks or sticks where as others might want to have a hanging made from only the colour purple! It really is up to them.


You will need…

4 sticks

string and/or thread



My daughters brief was ‘to find anything you find interesting or beautiful’ and put it on a tray. Our collection consisted of a range of petals and leaves of different shapes, colours and textures.

thumbnail_IMG_2627 thumbnail_IMG_2629

Tie the four sticks together to make a rectangular frame, and tie a large loop from one end to the other on one side, to hang your creation up with

thumbnail_IMG_2631 thumbnail_IMG_2632

When you have assembled your selection of items, pick your favourites and attach them to the top stick with some string, or the thread for a more subtle look.

Hang your nature hanging in the garden, or indoors if you would rather, to make a lovely, natural piece of decorative art.


Tip: Petals, flowers etc might not last long on the hanging, though some will last longer than others. They can be easily swapped for something else, providing a great opportunity to discuss the natural life cycle and changing of the seasons etc.

5 top outdoor winter activities.

Winter can be a challenging time for parents, as children claw at the windows, staring into driving rain and howling winds. I love being outside and my favourite outdoor winter activities are listed below, though I have to admit that with a one year old at my feet, my outdoor adventures seem few and far between at the moment. That’s not to say we aren’t having fun; one of my favourite things about winter is snuggling up all warm and getting our arts and crafts out, felting is a particular favourite in our house.

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Christmas decorations (with sparkles!)

At Christmas can be easy to forget about nature; it is getting cold and wet outside, there isn’t a huge amount to do in the garden and children are being constantly bombarded with singing, dancing, plastic toys and decorations.

I do love a bit of Christmas cheer, but for those of us who might miss getting our hands dirty, making Christmas decorations is the perfect way to bring the outside in. Children can reconnect with their natural surroundings in a fun and easy way and, particularly at this time of year, there’s no need to hold back on the glitter!

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