Bug hunting

Going on a bug hunt can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. You can kit yourself out with the full works: pencil, paper, identification cards, bug jar and catching net (see here for a great little set); you can choose just a couple of tools such as a jar and magnifying glass like we did(see here); or you can just hunt for bugs without any tools. It can be fun to take a couple of things, like a jar to look at anything up close, and a magnifying glass can be good to so children can really see what they are looking at.

What ever you decide though, bug hunts are great fun and it can be really interesting to see what you will find.

In our garden we have a little wildlife area, as you can see below. All it consists of is some long grass underneath an apple tree with shrubs and flowers that have self seeded. I have put a little insect house there as well to provide some shelter for bees etc.

Our wildlife area.

It can be really fun and very simple to make your own insect hotel, which can be done using completely free and recycled materials. Keep an eye out for our article on how to do this soon.

A few top spots to hunt for bugs are either in bright and colourful flowers, or dark, damp holes. The types of insect you will find in each of these places are very different, as you can see below.

A hard working bee likes bright flowers.
These woodlice were on the underneath of a brick laid on some soil.
We found this snail hiding deep in between two branches of a tree stump.

We also happened to find this ants nest (in my greenhouse…) during the time when the ants are leaving the nest. This was a particularly interesting find as children don’t think of ants having wings so we spent quite a but of time discussing this.


We had a great time searching for bugs in our garden, and we did collect some in the jar shown below. I was just so enthralled by watching them all in the mini habitat that we created for them that I completely forgot to take any photos!

Our Garden Mama bug jar and magnifying glass.

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