Strawberry Jam Recipe

Surely one of the best jams to eat but I’ve never made it before now. With the strawberries ripening nicely in the garden I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try. It is so simple to make, the important thing is to make sure you heat it to the right temperature or it wont set. (note: if you increase the quantities, you will also need to increase cooking time)

The other great thing about this recipe is that, with home grown strawberries, the only cost is for a bag of sugar! If you save up your jam jars all year round they are free too. Just make sure you sterilise them properly before use,  especially if you are making lots of jam and want to store it.


250g of jam sugar

500g of strawberries (picked fresh from the garden!)

A couple of sterilised jars

TOP TIP: Use the largest pan possible.


* Wash and remove stalks from the strawberries and cut in half

* Add strawberries and sugar to a pan, give them a little mash


* Bring to the boil

* Simmer for 5 mins

* Remove any scum from the top and check to see if it has reached setting point (see below for more info)

* Leave to cool for 15 mins

* Fill and seal your sterilised jars

* Store in the fridge.


Set test: Jam sets at 105c (220F) so it can be handy to have a jam thermometer to check if your jam has reached this point. If not, a good test is to put a blob of jam on a plate in the fridge. When it has cooled run your finger through the centre, if it leaves a clear line then you jam has set.

Now I’m off to buy some fresh bread and proper butter!

Ps: Here’s why you need to use a big pan…



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