Wet January

Wet, wet and soggy is the motto in the garden over the last few weeks.  With Christmas a distant memory, the most we are getting out of the garden is the sound of squelching under foot as we trudge down to let the chickens out in the morning. A lot of people have snow but here in Somerset we just have rain clouds and a chill in the air!  One good thing about all this water is that the pond is nice and full and it’s easy to rake the vegetable patches and garden borders to get rid of any weeds, albeit small ones.

In one of my borders I have these green shoots coming through. Until late last summer this patch was covered to the waste in mud and garden rubbish so I have no idea what they are, but the surprise is something to look forward to in spring (I hope!)


During the slightly warmer weather a few weeks ago I had a good tidy of the greenhouse, ready to start deciding on what veg we will be planting this year, sorting the pots, getting rid of broken ones and putting all the canes for the tomatoes in one place.

Green house

In the outside beds it’s nice to see the onions I planted last year are making an appearance. Hopefully with all this water it will be a good harvest, I’ve never planted onions before so it’s quite exciting.

There is still plenty of fun to be had in the garden, we sometimes get the kite out if it’s a windy day and my son continues to enjoy digging in the garden and helping to feed and clean out the chickens.

So, we retreat back into the warm house and enjoy a lovely warm hot chocolate.  Mhh I wonder if we can grow Theobroma cacao in the summer.




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